venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Traduzione in inglese del messaggio "un saluto ai giovani inglesi"


Red Block greets with joy the revolt of young Englishmen in progress since last Saturday following the killing of Mark Duggan by som! e police officers.

From a protest to the fightings and the nights of fire, not only in the district of Tottenham where it all began, but also in other cities of the country: 525 arrests reported so far in London and 139 in Birmingham, fights in Bristol, in the southwest and in Liverpool, in the northwest too.

For them just a blackman, 29-year-old previous offender, is guilty according to the "authorities" to have opened fire on the police officers while, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper, the ballistic experts found that the bullet stuck in the radio of an agent has been fired by a police weapon and then Duggan did not fire a single shot.

For us, he's a young 29 years old, like so many others in our country who are forced to live in hardship because of the government's policies of powerful men on duty, all of them always the same in front of the masses.

Young people from neighborhoods all over the world are consid! ered by average bourgeois scoundrels, thieves, criminals, but why should young people often are forced to steal? Do we ever ask what drives them to do so, to risk spending years in prison or being killed by police who now use the weapon supplied exactly as when they play target shooting?

We spend a word about that.

This society is the one that often drives us to do everything we can to live, even at the cost of being "illegal", the policitians in each country are the real criminals, guilty of everything that is socially imputable, and we are so accomplices and stand alongside to the young proletarians of the world who suffer, who explode and rebel, riots that maybe can turn off soon and make way for a temporary calm, until the time comes to organize ourselves, not just for a "simple" revolt to protest, but for something different, more radical, that makes us dream but possible: the revolution, a protracted war against the state, for a ! new and better society!

Greetings from Italy.

Red Block

Palermo - Sicily

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